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List Staff of IFRDMD

# Name Position
1 Dr. Arif Wibowo, SP., M.Si Chief
2 Dr. Satoshi Honda Deputy Chief
3 Prof. Dr. Ir. Agus Djoko Utomo, M.Si           Fisheries Management Policy Section
4 Ir. Samuel         Regional  and International Fisheries Management Policy Unit
5 Yoga Candra Ditya, SP, M.Si Regional  and International Fisheries Management Policy Staff
6 Dr. Safran Makmur, S.Si, M.Si Biology and Resource Assessment Section
7 Dwi Atminarso, S.Pi Biology and Taxonomy Unit
8 Tuah Nanda Merlia Wulandari, S.Si Biology and Taxonomy Staff
9 Ni Komang Suryati, S.Pi Resource Assessment Unit
10 Rezki Antoni S., S.Kel Resource Assessment Staff
11 Yanu Prasetiyo Pamungkas, A.Md Resource Assessment Staff
12 Dr. Dina Muthmainnah, S.Si, M.Si Fishery, Limnology and Resource Enhancement Section
13 Siswanta Kaban, S.Si, M.Si Resource Enhancement and Conservation Unit
14 Freddy Supriyadi, S.Kel Resource Enhancement and Conservation Staff
15 Khoirul Fatah, ST Resource Enhancement and Conservation Staff
16 Aroef Hukmanan Rais, S.Si Fishery, Limnology and Environment Unit
17 Vipen Adiansyah, ST Fishery, Limnology and Environment Staff
18 Akhlis Bintoro, A.Md Fishery, Limnology and Environment Staff
19 Sevi Sawestri, S.Si, M.Si Fish Resources Reporting Section
20 Muhammad Ali, S.Pi Fish Resources Reporting Staff
21 Solekha Aprianti, S.Pi Information Technical Service Section
22 Nita Iryani Library and Dissemination Unit
23 Taufiq Hidayah, A.Pi Library and Dissemination Staff
24 Dian Pamularsih Anggaraeni, ST., M.Si Data Center Unit
25 Arya Nugraha, A.Md Data Center Staff
26 Budi Kurniawan, ST Data Center Staff
27 Mirna Dwirastina, A.Md, S.Pi Laboratories Unit
28 Suwinda Pratama, S. St.Pi Laboratories Staff
29 Nurwanti, S.I.Kom, M.Si Administration and Finance Section
30 Lisnawati, A.Md Administration Unit
31 Sri Mulyani, S.Kom Finance Unit
32 Sevrina Asri, A.Md Administration Staff
33 Ridha Afyanti Simarmata, A.Md Finance Staff

Gubernur H.A Bastari St. No.08, Jakabaring, Palembang, South Sumatera, Indonesia
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