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Training on DNA Barcoding at IFRDMD and RIIF
Activity 08 Oktober 2016

On 4-5 October 2016 in Palembang, SEAFDEC/IFRDMD and Research Institute for Inland Fisheries (RIIF) researchers had trained on DNA barcoding. The training was opened by Dr. Arif Wibowo, Chief of IFRDMD and Head of RIIF.

Dr. Nicolas Hubert from Institut de Recherche pour le Développement was invited as the resource person. He presented a lecture with title DNA Barcoding: rational and applications in Indo-Pacific coral reef fishes. Dr. Hubert has 34 science papers in peer-reviewed international journals as first author or co-author and two books. He acquired his Doctoral in Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle: Biogeography and Genetic, Paris, France (2005) and obtained his Master Degree in University of Paris 6: Phylogeny and Biogeography, Paris, France (2001), respectively.

DNA barcoding is a way to identify species. Until now, biological specimens were identified using morphological features like the shape, size, and color of body parts but this is not to say that traditional taxonomy has become less important. Rather, DNA barcoding can serve a dual purpose as a new tool in the taxonomist's toolbox supplementing their knowledge as well as be an innovative device for non-experts who need to make a quick identification. (#dina_mth). 

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