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Activity 04 Mei 2016

SEAFDEC Secretary-General Dr. Kom Silapajarn accompanied by SEAFDEC-Aquaculture Department (AQD) Chief Dr. Felix Aysonand officials of SEAFDEC Secretariat and AQD visited SEAFDEC-IFRDMD in Palembang, Indonesia on 26 April 2016 in the noon. The team met with Acting IFRDMD Chief Dr. Satoshi Honda and Dr. Achmad Poernomo, the SEAFDEC Alternate of Council Director and the Advisor for Public Policy to Minister of Marine Affairs and Fisheries of Indonesia. During the meeting, they discusses on the operational matters of IFRDMD briefly, as well as issues related the study on catadromous eels and inland fisheries.

In the morning, Dr. Kom, and the staff from Secretariat and also Aquaculture Department have a field trip by boat in downstream of Musi River, to see the fisheries activities, and gears that using by the local people. They also visit Kemaro Island, is on the Delta of Musi River, located 6 km from Ampera Bridge or 40 km from the city of Palembang. This island is a place of recreation headline on the Musi River. There is a Chinese temple (temple Hok Tjing Rio), the Buddhist temples, for praying or visiting the tomb.(#dina_mth)

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