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Activity 06 Oktober 2017

  On Thursday, September 28, 2017 SEAFDEC / IFRDMD  held a farewell ceremony for Deputy Chief of IFRDMD, Dr. Satoshi Honda and his wife, Mrs. Yumiko. After performing the task for 4 years, they will return to their country. The farewell ceremony started at 10.30 am, at the RIFF Hall and attended by SEAFDEC / IFRDMD staff and RIFF (Research Institute for Inland Fisheries). Although the event took place with a simple but did not reduce the respect of the audience.

In his speech the Head of RIIF who is also Chief IFRDMD, Dr. Arif Wibowo expressed his gratitude and high appreciation for Dr. Honda for all that He has done for the advancement of IFRDMD. Besides Chief, Prof. Agus Djoko Utomo as the SDC (Special Departmental Coordinator) and Mrs. Dina Muthmainnah also conveyed the impression to Dr. Honda.

As response, Dr. Satoshi Honda also expressed his gratitude for the support of all staff during his time as Deputy Chief. IFRDMD is a new department within SEAFDEC. Building all from zero is a struggle, and he is very happy that all staff work together well. He also stated that life in Palembang is fun.

The agenda continued with the gift of souvenir. At the end of the event, all staff which  attending the event shook hands as a farewell to Dr. Ir. Satoshi Honda and Wife. The afternoon was covered with a sense of emotion. Good luck Dr. Satoshi Honda. We wish you a happiness, and enjoy your activities in different places and atmosphere. #SAP



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