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IFRDMD participated in Experts Meeting on Regional Cooperation to Support the Implementation of Port State Measures in Southeast Asian Region
Activity 18 Februari 2016

wanta1Taking into account the important of seafood products from Southeast Asian to around the world market, trade in and out are ones of the important activities. To avoid any impact on trade either international or intra-regional trade, the implementation of port State measures are therefore needed together with other regional management measures developed under the ASEAN-SEAFDEC Collaborative Framework such as ASEAN Catch Documentations, RFVR-24m, ASEAN Guidelines to prevent the entry of IUU products into the supply chain, etc. The objectives of this meeting are to address the important requirements for ASEAN Member States to implement the port State Measures through the regional cooperation towards combating IUU fishing within the ASEAN region.

In order to support it, SEAFDEC Training Department (SEAFDEC TD) in collaboration with the SEAFDEC Secretariat, held “Expert meeting on regional wanta2cooperation to support the implementation of port state measures in Southeast Asian Region”, in Windsor Suites Hotel & Convention, Bangkok, Thailand on 2 - 4 February 2016. IFRDMD dispatch one participant to the meeting, represented by Mr. Siswanta Kaban.

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