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2016 International Field Biology Course IFBC
Activity 19 September 2016

Mr. Dwi Atminarso, researcher of SEAFDEC/IFRDMD, had won the International Field Biology Course (IFBC) application. Due to his outstanding expertise in the field of biodiversity in Indonesia, CER (Center for Ecological Research (CER), Kyoto University) invited him as a young researcher to join in the 2016 International Field Biology Course at Kiso, Nagano, Japan on 17 - 23 August 2016. This course had aims to build capacity of young scientists on long-term monitoring by a series of lectures, laboratory and field works and also to strengthen network among young scientists in the Western Pacific and Asia regions. The lecturers were from Center for Ecological Research, Kyoto University (Dr. Shin-ichi Nakano, Dr. Keisuke Koba, and  Dr. Yoshikuni Hodoki.

The research site was located in the middle stream of Kiso River whose length reaches 229km with its basin area of 5,275km2, consisting of stream and riparian forest ecosystems. Kiso station located at roughly 800 meters above sea level. The participants were  the graduate students in the Western Pacific and Asia regions, stayed at a station together with professors and learnt stream ecology including basic limnology in streams, fundamental ecological and/or biodiversity studies on sessile algae, benthic invertebrates, freshwater fish, data analysis and database preparation. (#dina_mth)

Biologi Course

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